Clear Image® Ultrasound Gel

Gel in Bottles, Tubes and Containers

Clear Image® Ultrasound Scanning Gel is formulated for external diagnostic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound applications. The gel couples ultrasound between the transducer and the patient and provides increased acoustic transmission and optimal sound velocity. Approved by major diagnostic ultrasound equipment manufacturers. (Ultrasound Part Number list.)

  • Water-based, water-soluble formula is clear and non-staining.
  • Contains no irritating dyes, perfumes, parabens or surfactants. Latex-free.
  • Does not contain oils, alcohol, silicones, fragrance or other ingredients known to harm probe face.
  • Manufactured utilizing a proprietary method to virtually eliminate the presence of air bubbles for improved image clarity.

Gel Bottles

  • For diagnostic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound procedures.
  • Choice of bottle cap style: flip-top or steeple top.
  • Choice of High or Medium Viscosity.
    • High viscosity is not runny; often used for vascular and echocardiography applications.
    • Medium viscosity is 40% less viscous than high viscosity; often used for abdominal and OB/GYN applications.
  • Bacteriostatic.
  • Made in USA.
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Gel Tubes and Cubitainers

  • For diagnostic imaging and therapeutic ultrasound procedures.
  • Bacteriostatic.
  • OPTIONS: High or Medium Viscosity. 60 Gram Tube or 5 Liter Cubitainer.
  • Made in USA.
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  • About viscosity

Gel Warmer

  • Our gel packet warmer accommodates up to three bottles of gel.
  • Warms the entire bottle, not just the bottom portion.
  • Choice of three temperature settings.
  • Proprietary warming controls to maintain a consistent temperature.
  • Internal LED illuminates the digital display and allows the user to quickly verify temperature.
  • Curved outer design aids in cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Packet-holding cavity does not contain seams, hard corners or sharp edges that might harbor bacteria or hinder cleaning efficiency and effectiveness.
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For many reasons, including the risk of cross-contamination between patients, clinicians may choose to use single patient gel packets instead of reusable containers of gel.

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