O.R. Comfort Patient Positioning Devices

The O.R. Comfort line of patented patient positioning devices is designed to help anesthesia staff position and reposition a patient optimally during a surgical procedure while also providing a means of maintaining the comfort and satisfaction of the patient.

Adjustable Axillary Support Device

  • Designed to relieve a patient’s shoulder discomfort during surgical procedures performed in the lateral decubitus position.
  • Can be adjusted throughout a procedure to maintain an even weight distribution, bringing dramatic improvement in patient comfort without having to manually lift or move the patient.
  • Useful during total hip replacement, thoracotomy, shoulder arthroscopy and kidney surgery. It can benefit mildly sedated patients undergoing epidural anesthesia and patients undergoing lengthy procedures.
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Inflatable Post

  • Slides over the stabilizer post to provide an adjustable “pillow” between the post and the patient.
  • Once positioned and inflated, it maximizes the stability of the patient and distributes the pressure, minimizing the likelihood of tissue damage or discomfort after surgery.
  • The air pressure in the device can be adjusted during a procedure to relieve pressure points without having to manually manipulate the patient.
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Adjustable Displacement Device

  • An inflatable “pillow” designed to lift a patient’s hip between 20-40 degrees during surgical procedures.
  • Useful in obstetrics to avoid compression of the vena cava and/or aorta during cesarean sections and deliveries in the supine position.
  • Practical during kidney surgery and surgery on the side of the leg or ankle.
  • Non-inflatable flap is placed underneath the patient to prevent a lateral shifting of the device. The inflatable “pillow” section is positioned under the hip to be angled, then inflated to the desired lift using the squeeze bulb or an optional tourniquet adapter.
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