Why switch from bottled gel to Clear Image Singles Gel Packets?

To Bolster Infection Prevention

With COVID-19, there is an even greater emphasis on viral spread from contact. Single patient gel packets eliminate the risk of cross contamination from opened, multi-use gel bottles. Why risk the transfer of microbes when a safer, cost effective solution is available?

For Convenience

With two pre-measured sizes, Clear Image Singles® Gel allows the clinician to dispense the preferred amount of gel with minimal effort or waste. The dispensing spout allows the flow of gel to be controlled — from a dab to a glob — depending on the ultrasound application and the preference of the user. Packets are also the perfect size for applications such as bladder scanning. Since packets are newly opened for each patient, there is no need to monitor how long an opened bottle of gel is kept before it is deemed ready to discard.

For Accountability

Portion Control — it’s easier to keep track of gel expenses per patient or per procedure. There is also the possibility of patient-charging for the relative small cost of patient-specific gel packets.

Because it’s Cost-Effective

Clear Image Singles Gel packets cost less per ounce than most popular brands of bottled gel when measuring the usable amount gel from each bottle (most bottles only yield 5.5 to 6 ounces of gel because the remaining gel can’t be squeezed out). Our packet design enables the user to dispense the entire amount of gel with no waste.

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