PROACT Conventional Laryngoscopes

PROACT Conventional Laryngoscopes

PROACT Conventional Laryngoscopes include disposable blades and handles as well as reusable handles.

DISPOSABLE BLADES AND HANDLES: Metal Max™ 90 Blades were the first laryngoscopes to feature metal through the plastic hook-on block to provide economy without compromise in quality.

  • Blades made from medical grade stainless steel that runs through the hook-on section of the plastic block for maximum strength.
  • Light source is encased in metal to protect from damage and to offer cool, super bright light.
  • Compliant to ISO standards.
  • Available in a range of sizes including Macintosh, Miller, Lever Tip and specialty sizes.
  • Disposable handles are 100% metal with a grooved surface for good gripping. Three sizes available; preloaded with batteries to offer optimum illumination.

REUSABLE HANDLES: Hydra™ Reusable Handles offer maximum durability and long life -- warrantied up to five years.
  • Constructed of surgical stainless steel to resist wear and provide maximum use life.
  • Five year warrant.y
  • Waterproof and fully autoclavable.
  • Spiral finish on the handle enhances security of grip and provides for easy cleaning.
  • Each handle is individually serial numbered to allow easy traceability during sterilization processes.
  • Three sizes available: adult, stubby and pediatric. Batteries not included.

Don't want to bother with separate blades and handles? Try the Combi Disposable Laryngoscope Set.