Why doesn't the end of the Clear Image Singles® Gel packet open completely?

When I tear off the end of the Clear Image Singles® Gel packet, why doesn’t the end open completely? Why is this packet different than others?

The Clear Image Singles® Gel packet is designed to form a “spout” when the perforated end is torn off. This “dispensing spout” allows the sonographer to dispense all the gel from the packet in a deliberate, controlled manner and apply it more precisely in a desired location, such as a dab of gel on a transducer. The built-in “spout” not only helps control the flow of the gel, but it also exposes less gel along the edge of the packet, making the Clear Image Singles Gel packet much cleaner and neater than packets that have a wide-open end.

The Clear Image Singles® Gel packet is made from a specially selected polyester-based material that is puncture-resistant and provides barriers to oxygen and moisture to help preserve the viscosity and integrity of the gel. As compared to rectangular-shaped, aluminum foil-type packs, the elongated shape of the Clear Image Singles Gel packet comfortably fits into the ultrasound technician’s hand. One side is deliberately smooth and rounded so the technician’s fingers don’t come in contact with an edge while removing the gel. Competitive packets have a pointy, sealed edge all the way around the pack’s perimeter. The smoothness of our material and the slim shape of the packet aid the sonographer in easily removing Clear Image Singles Gel with minimal effort. The user can choose from two sizes of gel packets: a 30 mL packet that contains 1/3 more gel than competitive 20 gram packs and a 15 mL packet for procedures requiring less gel.

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